Our Company

The reality of the insurance industry is that most agents and advertising promise the same thing to their prospective clients: We can save you money. But if everyone is making that claim, then what sets Griffin & Company apart from the rest?


In April of 2014, I was sitting in church with my sons on a Sunday morning as we watched my wife sing along with the choir, grateful to share this time with my family. Unbeknownst to me, our house had been struck by lightning and was engulfed in flames. One of our neighbors called the church, and I left the service in a whirlwind not knowing what to expect.


When I arrived at our house, firefighters were on the scene and it was clear we had suffered a catastrophic loss. So many emotions rose to the surface as I stood by helplessly. My mind was filled with memories of holidays and birthdays, fun and laughter, joy and tears, with family and friends in that home, and it was devastating. I had seen the unexpected happen to my clients, but I honestly never expected it to happen to my family.


Through this experience I have gained a new appreciation for the protection we offer to people like you every day. As an owner of Griffin & Company, it is my responsibility to offer the service, price, and coverage that our clients need in order to prepare for the unexpected. I have personally experienced the benefits of choosing to do business with an agency that truly cares during life’s distressing moments and who comes alongside to help put life back together again.


I sincerely hope that nothing like this ever happens to you and your family. Nonetheless, I can promise that Griffin & Company will be there for you no matter what happens because I’ve been there myself. While we will never forget our previous home and the memories we shared there, my family looks forward to new days ahead in our brand new home as we move forward. Our staff walked with my family during that loss, and they too have gained a greater appreciation and passion for what we do on a daily basis.


This is what sets Griffin & Company apart. “Protecting Your Success” isn’t a catchy slogan used to attract business. It’s a way of life that has literally been tested by fire from the top down. We’ve been through it before and we’ll be there for you too.


-Brent Griffin